Electric motorcycle

Electric motorcycle with 120kmh top speed, 100km average range, 7inch display and Type2 charging

The goal was to create affordable urban electric motorcycle to promote clean and quite city transportation.
This bike is capable of driving for a week without having to recharge with average 20km daily commute and top speed 120kmh.

Electronics and software for this motorcycle were developed in-house. Dashboard is built using 7 inch IPS display with custom user interface and contains speed, battery state of charge, remaining range, ambient temperature, lights, power consumption, battery data.
Future software updates will introduce navigation and firmware over-the-air-updates.

Charging can be done either from wall plug or public AC charging stations using Type 2 connector. Motorcycle has 1kW onboard charger with an option to upgrade to 3kW.
Charging status is displayed on dashboard or can be sent to mobile app via bluetooth or GSM.

Electric powertrain was built based on 8kW nominal hub motor with 16kW peak power and custom-built 6kWh battery pack based on 2170 cells.
Driving this bike is super fun and very affordable – charging cost is up to 10$ per month!


Electric motorcycle battery
  • Custom built 6kWh battery pack using 2170 NCA cells
  • 18kW continuos discharge power
  • 200A BMS for battery management and protection
  • CAN/UART interface for battery parameters monitoring
  • Two NTC sensors for battery temperature monitoring
  • Metal protective case with 5mm thick walls
  • 8kW continuous hub motor in 17inch rim
  • Peak power 16kW / 21HP
  • 120km/h top speed
  • High torque: 200nm (max)
  • High efficiency: 90% (max)
  • Integrated hall and temperature sensors
  • High reliability and low maintainance
Electric motorcycle motor
Electric motorcycle inverter
  • 160A continuous current inverter
  • 400A peak current
  • Regenerative braking support
  • CAN/UART interface for parameters monitoring
  • Inverter is placed on metal plate for better cooling
  • Onboard RPi Zero W and ST STM32F446RE chips
  • Supports 7inch IPS display via HDMI interface
  • Galvanically isolated 12v outputs
  • Communicates with BMS to retrieve battery data
  • Obtain drivetrain data from inverter
  • Process speed sensor data
  • Measure ambient temperature
  • Onboard IMU chip to detect vehicle position and movement
  • Hardware circuit for Type2 charger
  • BLE support for mobile app communication
  • GSM/GPS module for remote monitoring and control
  • Firmware over-the-air updates via GSM or WiFi
Electric motorcycle ECU
Electric motorcycle UI
  • 7inch IPS display with custom 3D printed case
  • Visualize system time, ambient temperature, headlight and turn signals
  • Presents battery SOC, speed and remaining range
  • System error icons are flashing if failure is detected
  • Displays odometer, battery data and power consumption
  • Charging from Type2 portable chargers or EV charging stations
  • 1kW onboard charger providing ~6 hours charge time
  • Optinal upgrade to 3kW charger to decrease charge time
  • Charge status can be remotely monitored via BLE or GSM
Electric motorcycle Type2 socket


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