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Building custom Linux distribution with Yocto: adding image

Content Target hardware This tutorial will walk you through steps required to build custom Yocto image for STM32MP157F-DK2 board from ST. This board is based on STM32MP157 microprocessor unit (MPU) working on 800MHz frequency with Cortex M4 coprocessor, 512Mb of DDR3 and SD card for storage. Additionally this board contains Ethernet port, USB hub, WiFi/BLE […]

Ros | 7 Dec 2022

Building custom Yocto Linux distribution: adding recipes

Writing recipe In previous article we have created custom Yocto image that was basically identical to st-image-core, but with added Vim editor. In this article we will extend our image and include custom application, specifically I will be building new version of dashboard for electric motorcycle (the previous one is described here). Custom applications are […]

Ros | 14 Dec 2022

Building custom Yocto Linux distribution: adding Wayland/Weston image

Previous article has explained how to create python based application and add it to custom Yocto image. The limitation of that approach was the fact that image used was console only, without GUI support. Such image could not be used to run electric motorcycle dashboard, so in this tutorial we will create new image which […]

Ros | 29 Dec 2022

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